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Welcome to the Department of Physiologie

Physiology is the science of the processes governing life. It describes the physical, biochemical and information processing functions of living systems at the level of the entire organism, the organs and the cells. The Department of Physiology provides under-graduate and post-graduate education for medical- and life-science students. It carries out research mainly in the field of heart- and neurophysiology. More>>

New Papers

T. Grand, N. Salvarani, J. Jousset, S. Rohr. Aggravation of cardiac myofibroblast arrhythmogeneicity by mechanical stress. Cardiovasc. Res. 104:489-500, 2014 DOI

Bi-Weekly Calendar of Events


Monday 5. Jan 2015

Monday 5. Jan 2015 11:00h, seminar room

Prof. Claudia Clopath, Bioengineering Department, Imperial College, London

Distally connected memory-like network gates proximal synfire chain. A computational study of synaptic plasticity.

Host: Walter Senn

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